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YouTube’r Kat Blaque’s Offensive Tweets Has People Going Mad

YouTube’r Kat Blaque’s Offensive Tweets Has People Going Mad

A few hours ago, Scarce, a big news YouTube’r talked about the latest drama happening online.

According to him, YouTube’r Kat Blaque recently tweeted something considered to be racist and offensive to everyone.

She said, and I quote: “You’re right – I’m participating in white genocide daily. The oppression will continue.” People found this tweet and started to freak out about it, due to its offensive ideals.

Genocide is the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

The big question that I want to point out is: Does she understand the meaning of the word genocide? Or is she being offensive towards people just because she wants to, or is there something more behind this tweet?



With more than 100,000 subscribers, she is spreading such negative messages to her followers by using her social media forums.

If the first tweet wasn’t worse enough, Kat Blaque also tweeted: “But black people have dominant genetics. That’s why you’re afraid of white women sleeping with black men. You know your genes are weak.” continuing to say, “White people have no one to blame but themselves for white genocide. You could have left the world alone, but you had to be greedy. Now look.

Besides this, another YouTube’r, by the name of Elvis the Alien, found out that the YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki,  is a follower of Kat Blaque.

According to Scarce, Wojcicki doesn’t even follow PewDiePie, whom happens to have the biggest YouTube channel with the largest subscription base yet.

Another YouTube’r by the name of Chris Ray Maldonado, tweeted about Kat’s statements, saying: “Jon said America is historically white. Is racist. Kat says her race is superior. The CEO follows her. What.

It’s insane, to be honest. Every person is important, no matter your skin complexion or where you come from.



Content Source: Youtube/ Scarce/ Twitter

Image Source: YouTube

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