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White House Set To Announce New US Secret Service Director

White House Set To Announce New US Secret Service Director

ABC News has it that the Trump administration has settled on a new appointment for the position of the U.S. Secret Service Director.

Government sources confirmed that the administration has finalized on the former Marine general and Acting Deputy Commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Randolph “Tex” Alles.

Having been known for promoting its leader through its own ranks, selecting an outsider would be a massive shift for the Secret Service.

Currently serving as the acting deputy commissioner of Customs & Border Protection, Alles is set to take the reins from the current deputy director of the Secret Services William Callahan, who’s been at the helm of the organization since the resignation of Joseph Clancy, earlier this year. The former Marine General, served as a member of the Marine Corps for 35 long years, retiring as a two-star general.

The President has the authority to appoint the director of the Secret Service, that too without a Senate confirmation hearing.

This change in ‘management’ comes after two Secret Service officers were reportedly let go over a White House security breach, in which a man had managed to climb over a fence and remain undetected for over 15 minutes.

This only make matters worse for the Secret Service, whom had made a request, filed last month, for an extra $60 million as part of their 2018 budget, and required to look after the entire Trump family, rejected by budget committee.




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