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Whatsapp Is On Course To Make Changing Numbers Easier

Whatsapp Is On Course To Make Changing Numbers Easier

Whatsapp is looking to making it easier for customers to change their numbers on the app.

Unless you live under a rock, you’d know that WhatsApp is connected to your phone number, and if there’s thing I can attest to is the bullsh!t that ensues when you’re looking to make the change. Essentially with the option to do either one of two having had to announce the change in number to my million+ groups, or what most people with a normal IQ would do, use the broadcast feature.

Well the good news for folks like me, the $19 billion dollar Facebook acquisition, is reportedly trying out a new feature on how to make changing numbers easier for the end user. The features will allow users to either send all their contacts, or just to those whom they have a chat open with, a notification on the change in number, with notifications being sent to groups regardless of the users preference.



As per sources WhatsApp is also looking to test live location sharing and a “revoke” feature.

While the feature is still in beta mode, fingers crossed, its going to make it to the final update.




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