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#WCW Kristen Kish – An Exclusive By Myla Dalbesio

#WCW Kristen Kish – An Exclusive By Myla Dalbesio

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Source: Charleston City Paper

Why we love her:

We first started following Kristen Kish during her appearance on the tenth season of foodie favorite show Top Chef. She was skilled, creative, determined, and her premature elimination shocked the show’s devotees, sure that she would make it to the finale. And yet, when the finale started, there she was as predicted, having won the show’s “Last Chance Kitchen” feature, in which she persevered through five head to head “cook-offs” with each week’s eliminated contestants. In the end, she won the whole thing, becoming the the first Top Chef champion to take the title after being initially eliminated, and only the second woman to win in the show’s eleven year run.

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Source: Top Chef

It’s hard to deny the appeal of a woman who really knows herself, a woman who fights hard for what she wants, and of course, someone who knows how to cook. In the wake of her Top Chef victory, Kish continues to impress. She co-hosted the Travel Channel’s “36 Hours“, guiding viewers through food and culture in places like Istanbul, Berlin, and her hometown of Boston. Her cookbook, available for pre-order and coming out in October, promises cuisine both classical and inventive. We loved watching the book’s photography process over her Instagram, though we were a tad bit jealous of the crew that would be able to enjoy the dishes post-shoot. Also impressive was her subtle and elegant way of “coming out” as gay to the public, which is to say she basically didn’t. No announcement, no PR paragraph, just a happy photo of her girlfriend on Instagram and some casual references in interviews. Everyone should be able to come out however they want, but in our current times of fame-hungry oversharing, to see someone avoid a publicity opportunity rather than exploit it seems rare and special. There have been talks of her opening her own restaurant, and we’d be happy to eat anything she created. But in the meantime, we’ll try our hand at one of these recipes (probably the olive oil cake).




Image Source: Charleston City Paper, Top Chef, Alexandra Wimley

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