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#WCW Amanda Decadenet – An Exclusive By Myla Dalbesio

#WCW Amanda Decadenet – An Exclusive By Myla Dalbesio

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Why we love her:

What’s the feminine version of “Jack of all trades?” Would it be a “Jill of all trades?” A “Queen of all trades?” Whatever it is, Amanda DeCadenet can claim it. Beginning her career in London at age 16, she co-hosted a handful of UK shows before hopping the pond at age 19, marrying a rock star, and doing this incredible interview with Entertainment Tonight. It’s hard to miss the judgemental condescension dripping throughout that clip, but one thing we really love about it (besides the amazing early 90’s style) is the way they initially describe her: “a strong-willed young woman who knows what she wants, and seems to know how to get it.” She sure did know. And it seems like she still does. She has acted, performing in 90’s classics like Four Rooms and Brokedown Palace, led a successful photography career, having shot both supermodels and celebrities alike, and published a book of her photography, Rare Birds.

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Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Amanda Decadenet. Source:

Over the years, her focus has reined in on women’s issues, and when she returned to hosting in 2011, it was to head her own talk show with Lifetime, called The Conversation. The show featured a variety of well-known female guests such as Lady Gaga, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Eva Longoria, but perhaps reached its most important milestone when she sat with former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. DeCadenet’s dedication to supporting other women continues with her spearheading involvement in #GirlGaze, a women-run collective focusing on highlighting the work of female photographers. The project has expanded from online to IRL, producing exhibitions, grants for young artists, a book, and an agency representing all female talent. And if her plate wasn’t full enough, she’s topping it off with another forthcoming book, a collection of essays titled It’s Messy: Essays on Boys, Boobs, and Badass Women. We’re sure it’s chock full of awesome advice, because when it comes to badass babes, DeCadenet is certainly an expert.




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