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Voter’s Describe Trump As An Idiot, Incompetent & A Liar In New Poll

Voter’s Describe Trump As An Idiot, Incompetent & A Liar In New Poll

Last week, the Quinnipiac University conducted a poll, where it asked Americans to say the first word that came to their mind when they thought of Donald Trump.

The results? Not as surprising as you’d think.

The most answers the polls received were of him being called an “idiot“, followed by “incompetent” and a “liar“.

Given this information, I doubt anyone would be surprised to note that Trump’s approval ratings are at a low of 36% since the last national poll, just a point higher than his lowest ever ratings of 35% which was recorded last month on April 4th.

However, it’s not just the approval ratings that are low, the poll paints an awful picture of what American’s think of their President. He’s been branded as “dishonest“, “disgusting“, “unqualified” and “ignorant“. On policies pertaining to the economy, immigration and foreign policy, majority American’s disapprove of his actions.

Perhaps the most worrying sign for Trump is the fact that his ratings have also taken a hit with his biggest supporter base – white men. Approval among his core supporter base has dropped below the 50% mark as of last week, with a 48% approve and 46% disapprove split.

But here’s one point that’s probably going to burn the POTUS the most. 57% of American’s trust the ‘Fake News‘ broadcasters like CNN and MSNBC over their beloved President Trump.



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