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In-Vitro Fertilisation Methods (IVF) Now Costs Less With ‘Future Family’

In-Vitro Fertilisation Methods (IVF) Now Costs Less With ‘Future Family’

Most women nowadays are bearing their first child in their 30’s in contrast to giving birth in the 20’s. The number has only been increasing, especially since last year, with an increase in maternity risks also getting high simultaneously. This can be a reason behind why many couples today are choosing In-Vitro Fertilisation methods to avoid complications in their days of happiness.

But can everyone afford the heavy price tag? Unfortunately, no.

The IVF costs anywhere from $12,000 to $20,000, along with a few thousand extra for the genetic testing, involved to ensure the fetus is chromosomally stable. This is quite the expensive treatment, particularly for middle-class income couples, who cannot afford the treatment.

Future Family, a new Bay Area startup, believes in changing the typical price barriers by offering to finance more affordable options. They have recently launched fertility age tests, allowing families to test in the privacy of their own home to determine how much time you might have left to have more babies.

The idea was put forth by former Solar City exec Claire Tomkins and Eve Blossom after Tomkins went through six rounds of IVF and spent more than $100,000 to finally give birth to her child. After this experience, she thought of creating a better way for more women and couples to have more pocket-friendly options to plan their families.

Claire shares in an insight, “The cost is really prohibitive and it was really eye-opening for me. I personally hadn’t had any health issues before and what I learned was that it was so expensive that if you don’t have resources you probably couldn’t afford treatment.

Future Family helps women out who freeze their eggs with costs as low as $75/month. This includes all clinic costs, medications, and storage in the first initial year. The whole process of IVF could cost around $125/month only.

The IVF industry has grown to become worth $3 billion in the U.S.

So it would seem Future Family just stepped in at an extremely appropriate time.




Image Source: All Things Mamma

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