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Uber Likely to Get Attorney General’s Report Soon

Uber Likely to Get Attorney General’s Report Soon

The Uber workplace culture is already in the air. This current topic had the former Uber employee Susan Fowler publishing blog posts, charting out her own experience at the company, including accounts of sexual harassment and workplace discrimination. Now this resulted in the case being taken up by Eric Holder, Attorney General (AG), in order to get into the specifics of the case and investigate it to its core. Holder is expected to publish his report with his key findings anytime now.

The investigation is being lead by Holder himself and his colleague Tammy Albarran. The pair had continuously been in touch with a sub-committee set up by Uber, which included David Bonderman, Bill Gurley and Arianna Huffington. Holder and Albarran also requested for more time till May end, to go into the depths of the case as they were monitoring and dealing with hundreds of staffmembers at Uber.

The results would be made public once received by Uber’s board,” said Huffington during a press call in March. Axios notes that the timing of the report’s reception could change given the recent death of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick’s mother, which occurred suddenly during a boating accident this past weekend.




Content Source: TechCrunch

Image Source: Wall Street Journal

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