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Uber Looking To Provide Car-less Drivers With Cars

Uber Looking To Provide Car-less Drivers With Cars

Uber and Getaround are teaming up to make it even easier for drivers without cars to join the ride sharing service. The service is looking to go pilot in San Francisco, allowing Uber Drivers to rent vehicles from designated pick up spots at a fixed $5 rate per hour. The rate is set to include insurance, unlimited miles, and surprisingly even gas!

This rental arrangement comes of the back of very similar drafted agreements that Uber currently has with GM, and Hertz. Also there already exist services, e.g. HyreCar, that are purely designed to provide Uber & Lyft users with rental services. The Getaround deal allows for the startup to join the ranks of company’s like car2go and Zipcar, however with the added bonus of having both, individual and partner fleet operator owned vehicles.

Important to note though that the cars being used in the Uber-Getaround deal are not going to be provided by individuals, but leased through Uber’s existing lease program for drivers,  Xchange Leasing.

With this new partnership Uber will provide drivers with a free trial period of 14 hours (during one continuous stretch) when they sign up for the first time. However in order to get through to the trial stage, drivers will be required to pass through the approval process set in place by Uber currently.

Coming of the back of a viral video where Uber CEO Travis Kalanick was seen being confronted by an Uber drive apparently in a lot of financing debt for his Uber vehicle, Uber seems to be positioning itself to attract those drivers who are unable to or averse to owning their own car. Through this program Uber will also be able to target those looking to drive with Uber as a means to making some extra income on the side.

Uber has been looking to improve the experience it offers to its drivers, particular after the continuous series of PR disasters its faced. Uber is in desperate need of a model to continue to attract and retain its driver and user membership, and this move will at least help on the drivers side of the marketplace.




Image Source: The Independent

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