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Uber CEO Likely To Go On Leave Amidst All The Jumble

Uber CEO Likely To Go On Leave Amidst All The Jumble

The board at Uber is on discussion mode to fire their present CEO Travis Kalanick. There are many who have raised their voices to review the laws and regulations of the corporate culture at Uber.

The CEO has been seen previously supporting a lot of harassment activities in the company and has also fired almost 20 employees after being put under pressure by the Attorney’s orders.

Uber has been in the talks for the last few weeks because of the hodgepodge in the corporate culture of the rideshare company. It was reported by the Times and other media networks that three people who know the matter well, have confirmed that the board met on Sunday to talk about the recommendations submitted by the former AG, Eric Holder’s law firm, hired to review Uber’s corporate culture.

The newspaper says the sources requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak on behalf of Uber.

When everything seems to be going south Travis, you know it’s the right time to leave.

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Image Source: Business Insider

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