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Twitter Does A Facebook: Launches Twitter Lite

Twitter Does A Facebook: Launches Twitter Lite

As twitter continues to face growth problems, it’s looking towards Facebook’s successful model to help themselves grow in developing regions.

Twitter today launched ‘Twitter Lite’, a stripped down version of the company’s existing services that allows it to work on slower 2G & 3G networks.

Managing Director Asia Pacific of Twitter, Maya Hari, at a media event in New Delhi, the capital of India, said, “Twitter Lite offers a data friendly user experience.”

Available through the company’s mobile website, ‘Twitter Lite‘ supports 42 world languages, including 6 from the sub-continent itself. The web app is currently available in India, and is expected to launch soon in Indonesia and other surrounding developing regions. Maya Hari further added, “It’s a great proud moment for us.”

Twitter has partnered up with UK based telecom giant, Vodafone, to push the new Twitter Lite services. Arvinder Gujral, Sr. Director Business Development – Asia Pacific, said Vodafone is the “first global” partner for Twitter, further adding that the company is also working with content partners.

Twitter Lite, as confirmed to Mashable, will be operator-agnostic, working also for non-Vodafone customers. Vodafone is looking to help create a “custom curated” content feed, with the aim to raise awareness among users.

Twitter worked with Google to create a lighter mobile version of its service. Twitter Lite will allow users to save all their recent tweets, and allowing for easy offline access.

Users will also be able to utilize a data-saving option which helps in compressing the video content by up to 70%. While tweet caching will be enabled by default, data-saving features will require activation manually. Gujral added that the services, while looking to help users within developing regions, would also be of use to users within the United States.

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Praising Twitter on the move, analysts spoke of how this service would enable Twitter to secure users otherwise unaware of the social media company.

Nasscom VP and Head of Internet, Mobile & E-commerce Council, Prasanto Roy, in a call with Mashable, added, “India is a critical market for Silicon Valley companies who’re increasingly finding it difficult to find new users in the west.” Further, “With Chinese regimes largely restricting US-based companies, India becomes ever so crucial.”

With over 90% of the 1 billion mobile users in India utilizing slower 2G & 3G networks, Twitter’s move comes right behind those undertaken by some of California’s big tech companies such as Google, Facebook & Microsoft.



Image Source: Twitter

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