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Trump’s White House Briefing On North Korea: A Waste Of Time

Trump’s White House Briefing On North Korea: A Waste Of Time

Yesterday afternoon, almost the entire U.S. Senate got together and hitched a bus ride to the White House for an unprecedented briefing on America’s policy towards North Korea from the top brass of the Trump administration.

The meeting had most of the stakeholders and political pundits wondering what important news they could hope to hear after the meeting was conducted. Would America being going to war with the North Koreans? Would we see a preemptive strike, such as the one in Syria?

Apparently not.

As per the attending senators, the meeting was a whole lot about nothing.

Democrat Chris Murphy told CNN that there had been “no revelation” about North Korea in the briefing. The Republican’s didn’t have any less scathing remarks, with one anonymous member complaining that the briefing had failed to answer even the most simple and straightforward questions!

When asked if the meeting had been worthwhile, Republican Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker said he wasn’t sure if it had been the best use of his time.

An anonymous Democratic Senator offered his take on the President’s behavior, stating he momentarily showed a brief, following it up with his usual bit with ‘ridiculous adjectives.’

So it seems this was another attempt by POTUS Trump to make himself look good, and showcase ‘efforts’ made by the administration to deal with the North Korean issue, when in fact they are doing nothing different than the previous administration. Well actually they are doing one thing different – wasting our Senators time.




Image Source: Mandel Ngan/ AFP/ Getty Images

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