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Trump’s Awkward ‘PR Stunt’ Cabinet Meeting

Trump’s Awkward ‘PR Stunt’ Cabinet Meeting

Although praising the President of the United States, Donald Trump, is a common theme across the Trump administration and the Republicans, Trump’s latest PR stunt was one awkward setting, that has definitely got people mocking the entire administration even more. 🤥

Donald Trump took to inviting his cabinet members to the White House for a first full meeting of the Cabinet, oh and the reporters, including those who have been categorized as fake by the president. With Trump too many people on the chairs, the Meeting Hall was filled with all the officials appointed by the President. The meeting had to be conducted by Trump himself and was mostly about jazzing the

The entire hall was filled with the officials appointed by Trump to his team and cabinet. Presiding over the meeting himself, the meeting’s agenda seemed laden with praising the President and, that’s about it.

The meeting saw comments from, otherwise respected government representatives, praising the President with the following statements –

Chief of Staff Reince Priebus – “We thank you for the opportunity and blessing to serve your agenda.

Vice President Mike Pence – “Greatest privilege of my life, to serve as vice president to a president who’s keeping his word to the American people.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions – “You’ve set the exact right message. The response is fabulous around the country.

The media and netizens alike were set ablaze with the cabinets cringe-worthy performance, with everyone criticizing the President’s unnecessary show.

CNBC’s John Harwood wrote in his tweets, “Trump is inviting his Cabinet members to go around the table praising him- honestly this is like a scene from the Third World.

Glenn Thrush from the New York Times also called it “one of the most exquisitely awkward public events he had ever seen.

Some folks had this to say on the incident –

The meeting completely turned into a spoof on social media with people calling the President King Lear, his officials his daughters and of course, some democrats took to mocking the president as well, by recording a video of their own.🤴




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