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Trump’s Approval Ratings Only Go One Way…Down!

Trump’s Approval Ratings Only Go One Way…Down!

To begin with, Trump’s ratings at the time of his starting office were dismal at best. When compared to past President’s, Trump’s approval ratings had put him at a new low in terms of President’s to beat.

But it seems matters are only getting worse for the Donald, if the latest results from the RealClearPolitics average is to be believed.

The President, yesterday, hit a new low of 39.8% job approval, increasing his spread to a resonating 13.5%

Since his appointment, Trump has faced numerous issues, particularly with regards to his failed attempts to pass the Republican Health Care Bill, and what with the FBI currently investigating claims of coordination between his Presidential campaign and Russia. His approval ratings have dropped an additional 6 points from when he began his term, a trend that would be very concerning to his administration and the Republican party, considering the short timeline of his Presidential tenure.

 Trump Approval Ratings
Source: RealClearPolitics

Trump’s ratings, which started off as mediocre, have dramatically shown their propensity to drop, considering the fact that other Presidents have typically begun their terms on a popular note.

When compared to previous Presidents, Trump’s ratings are already at the point where Clinton’s & Obama’s were at the lowest points of their tenures. The good news, so far, is that while his ratings are at a worrying low, they are still above the approval ratings enjoyed by George W. Bush during his second term as the POTUS. Bush at the time of his second term had consistently stayed within the low to mid 30’s.

Wonder what Mr. President has to say, sorry, tweet about that…?



Image Source: Jim Lo Scalzo/ Getty Images

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