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Trump’s NYC Penthouse Is Much Smaller Than He Told Us It Was

Trump’s NYC Penthouse Is Much Smaller Than He Told Us It Was

If there’s one thing we know about Trump, its that he never, ever, exaggerates, about anything!

So this might come as a massive surprise to you all, but it seems Trump lied to us about his New York City penthouse.

During his presidential campaign Trump took Forbes on a tour around his house, which he claimed was 33,000 square feet, and worth a staggering $200 million. Trump, of course, called it the ‘best apartment ever built.”

Unfortunately for the President,  Forbes actually decided to verify his facts. And as it turns out, the president’s three-story penthouse is way smaller, and worth even less than what he told them.

Forbes research found out that the unit, built across three floors, was initially a 6,096 square foot apartment, to which Trump later added two of the neighboring units to make it a 10,966 squarefoot triplex. The estimated value of this revamped residence is $64 million, which though still a staggering amount, is approximately 30% of the original value quoted by our lord, his highness, Donald J. Trump.


Forbes added, “no records filed with the city indicate that he has added or shed square footage in the years since.

Forbes also pointedly stated:

So where does Trump’s 33,000 square feet figure come from? It’s hard to tell. No one else lives on those floors, according to city records. Instead “common elements” — things like hallways and elevators — and mechanical space appear to take up the rest of the area Trump claims to live in.

Trump is yet to tweet about this new ‘fake news‘ and we can only wonder what Trump’s reaction to this will be…



Image Source: Forbes

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