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Latest Interview Suggests Trump Has No Idea On Whats In His Health Care Bill

Latest Interview Suggests Trump Has No Idea On Whats In His Health Care Bill

In an interview on the 101st day of Donald Trump’s Presidency, CBS’ John Dickerson got the most powerful man in the world to answer some pointed questions about North Korea, China and most importantly the Republican American Health Care Act (AHCA).

Trump made it very clear that both North Korea, and China, now know that America would not be happy if the North Koreans were to further try and launch any Nuclear Missiles. He was complimentary of the North Korean leaders abilities to obtain power and maintain it at such a young age, also speaking highly of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, and the challenges he was facing in China.

But on the topic of Health Care, President Trump’s answers seemed to take turn for the worse – which seemed to indicate either he didn’t understand the AHCA or was not willing to speak truthfully about it.

Dickerson, has become the first journalist to actually grill the President on what exactly the Republican plan entails. Dickerson didn’t focus on whether the bill would pass or not, rather what the plan contains and how it would impact the American public, and what the President’s opinion was on the provisions of the bill.

Unsuspectingly, Trump falters, minute after minute.

  1. Trump mentions that the people with pre-existing conditions would be protected under this bill, mentioning specifically the inclusion of a clause guaranteeing the same, however with the latest amendment to the AHCA, which persuaded the Freedom Caucus to back the bill, pre-existing conditions WILL NOT be covered.
  2. Trump pushes the point that under the new plan, American’s would have lower deductibles. However, non-partisan analysts are expecting deductibles to increase, looking at the policies and data from the new bill.

This AHCA that Trump discusses on the ‘Face the Nation‘ is NOT what has been put forward by the Republican Party. His answers clearly indicate that he is not familiar with the basic details of the policy, a policy that his party has been pushing for Congress to pass, since making it public almost 2 months ago.

It’s clear that Trump needs to look at the Republican AHCA bill as soon as possible, as it may not be as easy for him to defend his actions once the bill does everything opposite of what he’s expecting it do for his supporters and the rest of the American people.

You can catch the interview below.





Image Source: Jim Lo Scalzo/ AFP/ Getty Images

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