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Why Trump Need’s To Be Nicer On Twitter

Why Trump Need’s To Be Nicer On Twitter

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump, gave air to the fire by constantly making controversial statements. His social media habits, particularly on twitter, were also categorized as nothing short of bullying by his critics.

Trump’s Twitter account is today the worlds 41st most followed twitter handle. But even as his following increases, his approach has remained very much the same – confrontational, non-fact based, and aggressive. Since his victory, Trump has used social media to comment on the wiretapping issues, healthcare, attacking Meryl Streep, complain about media outlets being ‘fake news’ and even give opinions on U.S. foreign policy.

But some politicians, such as Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey, use the social handle in a more appropriate way, utilizing it as a platform to directly connect with their constituents. Senator Booker has been known to go out of his way for his voters, having even personally delivered diapers to a Newark supporter when they were stuck at home during a snowstorm.

Like most celebrities or politicians with a large following, Booker often has to deal with a slew of insults from trolls online. However, unlike the POTUS, he responds to them with kindness.

In a video for Vox, Senator Cory Booker talks about how he utilizes the social media platform to take on his critics, help constituents, and why Trump needs to learn how to be nicer when conversing on the platform.




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