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Trump & Melania Back On Good Terms…? (Update: No They’re Not!)

Trump & Melania Back On Good Terms…? (Update: No They’re Not!)

Adding to the numerous reports showcasing Melania’s irritation with Trump, from the clip of her fake smile during her inauguration to her apparent distaste towards moving to Washington, yesterday, we reported on how the Trump Power Couple were having some personal issues while walking down the tarmac in Israel.

Further, it probably doesn’t bode well for the President that there are numerous photos of him and his wife walking at a fair distance from each other.

But there seems to finally be some good news coming out of the Trump camp about the power couple.

On their way to board the Air Force One for their flight to the Vatican, the couple could be seen, deliberately, holding hands for a while as they stood on the tarmac.

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President Trump & First Lady Melania Trump walk on the tarmac during Trump’s first presidential visit to the Middle East, and the G7 countries

Hopefully the Trump’s are able to maintain their marital balance *Fingers crossed*

Update (9:10 AM):

As the POTUS & FLOTUS landed in Rome, Trump attempted to grab Melania’s hand as they started to walk down, unsuccessfully unfortunately.





Image Source: Getty Images

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