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Trump’s Firing Of Comey Bears An Alarming Similarity To Nixon & Watergate

Trump’s Firing Of Comey Bears An Alarming Similarity To Nixon & Watergate

News reports started streaming in last evening breaking the news that FBI Director, James Comey, had been unceremoniously fired by the President of the United States.

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And quite that easily, the POTUS has casted further doubts and suspicions on the office that he holds, and the future leadership of what has otherwise always been an independent law enforcement arm of the United States of America.

The Trump administration is putting the blame on Comey’s inability to properly investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails last year, and agreed, even though he has faced some major criticism from both parties with regards to the case, they have been for completely different reasons.

But while this might confuse most, considering the fact that Trump had supported Comey’s action and had asked him to stay on in his position, the confusion clears up when you realize that in March Comey had made public an investigation that he was leading in to the connections between Trump’s campaigns and his associates, and any Russian connection, that resulted in influencing the 2016 U.S. elections.


With Comey’s firing, Trump get’s to pick his own FBI Director, thereby being able to influence the Russia investigation as he deems fit.

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This is an alarming prospect for all those who’ve looked towards seeing a full investigation into Trump’s relation with Russia, and even more alarmingly raises concerns on how similar these steps are to President Nixon’s firing of Justice Department officials during the Watergate scandal and investigations. While we are yet to see the official response from Congress and top law enforcement agencies, it’ll be interesting to see whether any independent investigations will be ‘allowed’ to take place.

While the POTUS is provided the full legal authority to fire the FBI director, this has only been done in the past under extraordinary circumstances. The last time such an instance was seen when President Clinton had fired William Sessions (not related to Current AG Jeff Sessions) in 1993 over alleged financial misdeeds.

The post of the FBI Director is meant to be a nonpartisan position, with a 10 year term service term.

Comey had just begun his fourth year, and had earlier also stated he intended to stay the full 10 years of his term.

This is President Trump’s most serious violation of established American political norms yet.




Image Source: AP Photo/ Carolyn Kaster

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