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Trump Was Eating The “Most Beautiful Piece Of Chocolate Cake” While Bombing Syrian Airfields

Trump Was Eating The “Most Beautiful Piece Of Chocolate Cake” While Bombing Syrian Airfields

On what is now the 45th POTUS’s fourth home, right after the NY Trump Hotel, Mar-a-Lago Resort and the White House (in that specific order), the Fox Business Network hosted the Donald in an exclusive interview, with Maria Bartiromo.

During the interview Ms. Bartiromo brought about the topic of the Syrian missiles strike, asking the President what it felt like launching those air strikes while he was hosting the Chinese President for dinner. Trump response started with how he was in the middle of eating the “most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen”, as was President Xi Jinping, when he was informed by his generals that the US Navy was in position and ready to launch the missiles. As soon as he gave the orders to go ahead, he leaned over to President Xi, he said, letting him know that the US had just attacked the Syrian airfields behind the chemical attacks.



While watching trump show the ‘YUGEE’ size of the cake and to hear him talk about eating delicious chocolate cake’s while attacking another country doesn’t seem as surprising anymore, what caught our attention was his praise for the accuracy of the missiles, which he then realized had been bought and developed under the previous administration. Once he realized his gaffe, Trump immediately switched attention to how the US might not have enough of these awesome missiles yet, but he was going to take care of that too.

To make matters worse, Trump’s blustering made him talk about how they had just bombed Iraq.  Thankfully Ms. Bartiromo was paying attention and was able to correct him.

The real question here – What was in that chocolate cake Mr. Trump? 😇




Image Source: Source: Fox Business Network

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