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Trump Can’t Seem To Stop Intervening In The Russia Investigation

Trump Can’t Seem To Stop Intervening In The Russia Investigation

Trump is clearly having an extremely hard time letting go of the Russia investigation, as he continues to fuel the fire with his wrongfully thought out decisions against key personnel around the investigation.

First he fires an extremely respected FBI Director, James Comey, whom he had just months ago praised for his work. And now we hear he’s busy trying to put an end to special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation with an irrelevant and obscure ethics rule, a story which he keeps feeding, without realizing that it isn’t to his benefit to do so.

But just as we spoke on how there might not be a secret facet to Trump’s personality for us to identify, similarly, Trump’s way of dealing with issues might just be another instance of how he is unable to come up with any other way to make people do what he wants.

During his campaign, Trump’s biggest pitch was his ability to make people do what he wants. To Trump, there was nothing you couldn’t get a person to do with a little bit of money, power and a bit of devilish charm.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal back in 2015, Trump had said, “As a businessman and a very substantial donor to very important people, when you give, they do whatever the hell you want them to do.”

Trump had even taken to Politifact to brag about how a sizable donation from him had even got Hillary Clinton to come to his wedding.

Getting back to our present situation, Trump has been using his new found presidential tools and clout to interfere with the Russia investigation by firing key personnel, asking his staff to make public statements on his behalf, and now the final nail in the coffin, finding ways to negate special counsel Robert Mueller’s ability to investigate him and all the Russia claims.

It’ll serve President Trump better to realize, as soon as possible, that it isn’t his skills that worked earlier, but his money, and as President, you require certain skills to successfully run the country.





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