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Trump Made An Attempt To Run An Ad On CNN Calling It Fake New

Trump Made An Attempt To Run An Ad On CNN Calling It Fake New

We were all privy to the love affair between CNN and Donald Trump, with many a media critic complaining about CNN’s addiction to covering news on Trump, while he continued on his campaign trail. The network, like any other network, was using Trump to get its rating up, while Trump was getting much needed and required airtime.

But for all its fallacies, CNN, it seems, has a line that it is unwilling to cross. One such indignity being a commercial Trump wanted to air, calling CNN and its fellow media outlets “fake news.

Trump’s campaign team, whom by the way have already begun working on Trump 2020, had prepared a 30-second advertisement

But for as much as CNN’s fortunes have improved in the age of Trump, there are some indignities the network won’t suffer, such as a commercial calling it and other media outlets “fake news.”

Trump’s campaign (he is, in fact, already campaigning for reelection in 2020) put together a 30-second ad in which it talks about the rare success that America has seen in just the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency. At about the 20th second mark, the video claims how that information isn’t available to the viewers “from watching the news“, along with a collage of all the prominent reporters with “FAKE NEWS” written across the screen.

It seems CNN was willing to run the advertisement, albeit the “fake news” part. However, that offer was turned down, as per a report by Vanity.

Oh Donald, Donald, Donald…can you not just be NORMAL for a change?




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