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Trudeau v/s Trump – The Handshake Battle-off

Trudeau v/s Trump – The Handshake Battle-off

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Trump has won the elections and is now the leader of the largest and strongest economic and military power in the world. Yes, this is the very same Donald J. Trump, who mentioned how he grabbed women by the pussy and mocked a handicapped journalist.

What a few might not know about the POTUS however is his special game of handshakes. After numerous successful attempts at breaking the hands of other people,  case in point –

…and again…

Trump might have finally met his match in Canada’s handsome hunk of a PM, Justin Trudeau, or as the folks from up north like to call him, our main man JT.


Meeting on Monday, February 13th, to discuss trade and national security, they will also be jointly hosting a ‘women in the workplace’ with Ivanka Trump.


Well done JT! Well done… 😉



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