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Canadian PM Trudeau & Irish PM Varadkar Looking To Take Advantage Of Trump, Brexit

Canadian PM Trudeau & Irish PM Varadkar Looking To Take Advantage Of Trump, Brexit

Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, on Tuesday said that Canada and Ireland should grab the chance to move towards becoming more free, open and progressive, as their big neighbors, the United States & the United Kingdom, look towards doing the exact opposite.

He said that there were, “tremendous opportunities for countries like Canada and Ireland at a time where perhaps our significant allies and trading partners … are turning inward or at least turning in a different direction.”

Furthermore, he added that the two nations should “make the pitch that Canada and Ireland are places that are exciting and open to the world in a positive, progressive way.”

The Canadian PM addressed the media after a seemingly successful meeting with the Irish Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar, in Dublin. Both the countries are currently in the midst of experiencing roller coaster rides in terms of their relationships with their neighbors — the U.S. under President Donald Trump and the U.K., under Theresa May, as it leaves the European Union.

With the Brexit raising worrying situations for the economy, Ireland is hoping to lure financial institutions and several other companies away from London. The Irish PM Varadkar said,”more and more people will want to come to Ireland.”

Meanwhile, Canadian PM Trudeau also traveled to Scotland on Wednesday to meet with Queen Elizabeth II, and will also be a part of a summit of G-20 leaders in Hamburg, Germany on Friday and Saturday.

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