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Toyota Is Getting Ready To Make Flying Cars A Reality

Toyota Is Getting Ready To Make Flying Cars A Reality

The 2020 Olympic Games is set to witness Toyota’s launch of the first “flying car”. The team at Toyota has stepped up their speed on developing the car, with the team hoping to have it ready within the next three years.

What’s Are They Looking To Build Exactly

The car is aimed to be a single driver vehicle. The idea is that a small flying car will be able to smoothly transition from driving on the road to driving in the skies, in order to deliver the Olympic torch for its last leg to officially open the games.

The recent video shows how a basic design of the car, with only a few mechanical devices attached to it, to form a rough skeleton of the future vehicle, flies above and lands back! The flight wasn’t too neat, but yes, it will definitely hitch on till the Olympics.

The flight, although wasn’t the neatest.

Know the Makers

Toyota has invested $400,000 on this project in association with a small automation company named Cartivator Resource Management. Toyota has been digging into a range of new tech and transportation options like luxury yachts under its Lexus brand. The company is also re-imagining itself as an energy concern — though it just ended a partnership with Tesla it had entered into to co-develop electric vehicle technologies last week.

The flying car was tested at a school field in central Japan, near Toyota’s own home base.

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