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A Tortoise Might Help You Cheat Better!

A Tortoise Might Help You Cheat Better!

Ok stop right there. If you thought this article was seriously going to explore the merits of a Tortoise helping you cheat, you need to reassess your life’s goals. Right now. Seriously.

However, if you’re looking for some goofy a$$ story about the crazy things we as humans keep doing, you’re at the right place.

While I absolutely condone the thought of cheating on your exams and definitely do not recommend anyone out there to do the same, I’ll be honest, growing up, I cheated, and helped my friends cheat too! It’s like a right of passage we all had to go through in order to be part of the ‘cool group’ – not proud of it, but did it anyway!

Now we always had to be one step ahead of our teacher and make sure we had the latest techniques down pat, but clearly our methods were ancient when compared to this Nebraska student who apparently found an ingenious way to pass his bio exam (and yes it obviously involves a Tortoise, hence the title of the article….)

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So check this, Sam Tighe, the biology student out of Nebraska, sends out a tweet a couple of days back with a picture of the answers to his exam taped onto a tortoise, proclaiming the Tortoise as the sole hero behind his ‘mad’ bio skills!

The fact that Sam was confused enough to call the Tortoise a Turtle is indication enough of the amazing condition of our public schooling system as well as why he so clearly needed his ‘Turtle’ to help him pass a biology exam.

Here’s hoping your teachers don’t catch you Sammy ol’ chap!

’cause honestly we’re with Catherine on this one…




Content Source: Twitter

Image Source: Pinterest, BallooCartoons

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