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The Innovative World of Crowdfunding

The Innovative World of Crowdfunding

The beauty of the constantly developing technological world we live in is the fact that we as humans are challenging the very extremes of what we can achieve, by discovering new technologies that are having positive impacts on all facets of our lives.

2017 marks the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, the 10th year! In a span of 10 years, we’ve managed to make a device, that fits in the palm of your hand, more powerful than a computer 5 years ago. We have self-driving cars, living on Mar’s isn’t impossible any more, and travelling a 9-hour SF-LA journey within a matter of 30-40 minutes, seems like a reality within a couple of years.

What most of you might not know is the important role crowdfunding, in its essence, has played in making possible our technological advancements. The iPhone, for one, a device which has questionably had the largest impact on the technological revolution we see today, in particular within the technologies in use on a day-to-day basis, has much to owe to the American government. Tesla, in order to make the Hyperloop a reality, has made available funding, and the essential technology required develop the same. Google, a company that started out with a simple idea to make online search easy, founded by two bright young men, has much to thank the government for as well.

This idea of taking to the financial marketplace, in search for funding, on simpler terms, to develop products and services that are looking to incorporate and further the advancements of technology, has finally come full circle and developed into a niche service industry of its own. This tremendous growth and development of the Crowdfunding space within the global economy, has made it easier for innovators and developers to have a chance at becoming successful entrepreneurs.

While the Asian economies, such as India, still find it hard to allow for such a business model to convene in the marketplace, European and North American markets have embraced the model quite willingly. Companies such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo & Seedinvest, to name a few, have provided for exceptional online platforms for Mr. regular Joe Engineer or Ms. Sara Salesman to show off their products and ideas to us regular folk in exchange for a couple, or a few hundred, and in some cases a few thousands of dollars.

With that being said, we feature two such projects which have already past their funding requirements, and are still in hot demand.

  1. ChargeWrite

A pen with the capability to store data upto 16GB, charge your phone, and if that weren’t enough, you can also use it as a stylus. Developed by a talented team out of Montreal, Canada, they have reached 122% of their target goal of $10,000, in just under two weeks, with two months still to go!

ChargeWrite has two product offerings, the ChargeWrite ($29) & the ChargeWrite+ ($39), with the main difference being that the ChargeWrite has stronger charging capabilities with a 1000 MAH battery, whereas the ChargeWrite+ comes with 16GB of storage space.

  1. MAGQI

A personal favorite, the MAGQI product allows for magnetic wireless charging of your smartphone device, be it at the office, while you’re lounging at home, or even while you’re driving. Utilizing the magnets placed in your smartphone, the MAGQI automatically taps into the charging points on your device providing for an effective charge.

With a $10,000 target in mind, the team of Feelingtech Official (creators of MAGQI) have managed to crowdfund this project to a whopping 1096% of their requirements, to $109,598. This is a definite hit out of the park!!

Pros –

  1. Convenient
  2. Clean
  3. Portable,
  4. Did we mention…SUPERCOOL!!

Cons –

  1. We aren’t really sure yet on how effective the charging will be and whether it’ll be as effective as charging the phone directly through the cable.
  2. It doesn’t really help you get rid of the wires as the device itself requires charging and is simply a conduit to charge your smartphone.


Regardless, we’re living in the great age where innovators are encouraged, and ideas are supported.

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