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Tesla & Toyota End Collaboration

Tesla & Toyota End Collaboration

Toyota and Tesla had been in talks with regards to their union going forward. Instead, it seems Toyota has its own plans to work on a new electric car, rather than join hands with Tesla.

Why Did This Happen?

As per some engineers of the Toyota & Tesla teams, the two companies have extremely contrasting work cultures which undoubtedly clash with each other. One is a risk taker, while on the other side is a safer player – Tesla and Toyota’s work capabilities and processes were in complete contrast.

This tie-up could have been truly historic as Toyota had already bought almost 3% of the startup for $50 million, seven years before. Elon Musk also had ideas for the companies to jointly develop the RAV4 electric vehicle, of which some 2,500 were sold. Unfortunately, the idea will now remain just a vision, as opposed to ever becoming a reality.

Toyota is aiming to launch their “flying car” at the 2020 Olympics.

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Toyota Motor Corp. President Akio Toyoda (R) shakes hands with Tesla Motor Inc. Chief Exective Elon Musk during a news conference in Tokyo November 12, 2010. The head of U.S. electric car maker Tesla Motors handed over the keys of a two-seater sports car made by the startup to the president of Toyota Motor Corp on Friday as they appeared in front of media for the first time since their shock tie-up in May. REUTERS/Issei Kato





Image Source: REUTERS/ Issei Kato

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