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Tesla Releases Another Potential Model 3 Candidate

Tesla Releases Another Potential Model 3 Candidate

While the number of Tesla Model 3 release candidates we have seen in the last month seem more like a blur at this point, Electrek has successful identified two distinct prototypes, one in blue and the other in black, and from what it seems, a newer version of the earlier seen blue Model 3.

Electrek reports that the last time the Model 3 had been seen, the prototype had wires coming out through holes in the front, with a charge port door in the back, covered.

This latest one, spotted by Charlie Cho yesterday seems to look like its ready for production, with the new charge port door being more easily noticeable than the previous version.

Take a look here at the new, or updated, blue model 3 prototype:

Apart from a cleaner front-end, the most notable difference is the change they’ve made to the port door, which seems incorporated inside a back light, just like the Model S & the Model X.

Take a look at the difference here between the last sighting (left) and the new one (right):

Electrek reports that Tesla is yet to confirm that it will use the same proprietary plug it has been using in its other two offerings – the Model S and X. However it is widely accepted that Tesla is more likely to retain the same design. However the Model 3 could quite easily set new standards when it comes to electric vehicle charging with a more advanced charging technology and through its sheer numbers.

Tesla is likely to continue testing new designs and looks for its newest EV offering, until it finalizes the production version in July. Hence, all readers are reminded to not consider any feature as a confirmed part of the final version.




Content Source: Electrek

Image Source: Electrek

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