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Syrian Refugees Name Their Newborn After Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Syrian Refugees Name Their Newborn After Canadian PM Justin Trudeau

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard to miss the issues plaguing our world. One of the biggest being the Syrian Refugee crisis.

The refugee crisis has taken the center stage in world politics, with the topic being hotly debated during the recently concluded French and American elections.

Well fortunately there is one country that decided to take up arms against this crisis and help those in need.

Welcome to Canada, and say hello to our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

With a bid to welcome 25,000 refugees every year, Canada welcomed in one such family last year in February, who decided to show how grateful they were to the country and its leader, by paying homage to them in the cutest way they could think of.

Muhammad & Afraa Bilan, arrived as refugees in Montreal with their two young ones, once they realized that the Syrian authorities had begun looking for him again. So when they welcomed their third child, and second son, into this world, they decided to name him after the man whose initiative helped bring them into the country.

Justin Trudeau Adam Bilan was born last Thursday, in his family’s new home of Calgary.

“We love this man, we appreciate him. He helped a lot of refugees. He’s the reason we are in Canada,” said Afraa Bilan.

In conversation with the BBC, Afraa added, “Canada is much more safe – there’s no war, nothing. Everything is different, everything is good – nothing like Syria.”




Image Source: CBC Calgary

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