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Surfing Online? It’s Time To Use Microsoft Bing And Earn Rewards

Surfing Online? It’s Time To Use Microsoft Bing And Earn Rewards

An amazing game is being played by Microsoft with the launch of the Microsoft Rewards!

Now you can solve puzzles, surf, or buy absolutely anything on the Microsoft online store –  and get paid for everything you do.

Earlier today, Microsoft UK, launched a new system which allows users to earn and accumulate points while they use products within the Microsoft Bing ecosystem, rather than Google’s competing product and that’s all!

For every single search on Bing, Microsoft will award the user with 3 points, limiting the maximum number of points to 30 a day on Bing search, and 60 points a day when the user utilizes Microsoft’s new browser – Edge.

Using Edge will hence increase your limit and once the user hits 500 points in a month, they will be promoted to a higher level!

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Sounds interesting, eh?

For those netizen’s who revel in the amount of time they can waste on the net, this will surely be an amazing new way for them to further while away their time.

Microsoft’ really nailed it with this new service, determined to immerse and engross their users completely. Microsoft is looking to widen their reach to numerous more countries over the next few months. With Bing trailing behind Google, in terms of its popularity as a search engine, this seems like a clear attempt by Microsoft to convince customers to use their search engine.

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Content Source: The Verge

Image Source: Microsoft

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