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Superscreen: The Competition Apple & Samsung Should Be Worried About

Superscreen: The Competition Apple & Samsung Should Be Worried About

Since the launch of the iPad, 7 years ago, we’ve seen numerous small and larger corporations looking to release a skew of tablets in order to compete with the Cupertino giants breakthrough product. With global sales of 183 million units in 2016 alone, the tablet/ iPad has proven to be one of technologies astounding breakthroughs.

However, there is a new sheriff in town, and they’re looking to disrupt the industry!

So who are these guys?

The Superscreen is the latest tech innovation which looks to bring all the benefits of the smartphone and tablet in one convenient supersized 10.1’ full HD screen. The worlds first portable touchscreen for your smartphone, the Superscreen provides on-secure access to one’s phone, be it the android or the iPhone, with a range of up to 100 ft., without the need for wi-fi or cellular data.

Superscreen’s advanced technology gives the user the ability to seamlessly connect their smartphone, transferring data with zero time lost due to lag, allowing the user to explore their applications and conduct tasks on their Superscreen device, as they would do on their phones. “Everything about Superscreen has been designed to help you get the most out of your smartphone experience, not to add another upgradeable-device or feature to your life,” said Brent Morgan, the creative genius behind the Superscreen.

The features on this device are exactly what we’ve been looking for!

Unlike existing technologies which look to zoom in on the display, the Superscreen looks towards fitting the screen aspect to avoid anything from getting cropped or blurry. With the ability to engage up to four times the content than on your smartphone, the Superscreen runs its own operating system, allowing for a multi-touch experience similar to that of your smartphone. Using 70% less battery life than your own phone, the device comes with an internally built in 12 hour battery life. The device comes installed with built in dual speakers and headphone inputs, with the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices.

The Superscreen’s most redeeming feature would have to be its built in HD dual camera’s, which allow you to skype, snap and share photos in high definition, all while saving pictures directly to your smartphone!

Where can you get one?

With their kickstarter campaign launching officially today, the 10.1′ HD Superscreen has already received close to 1250 backers, while crossing their goal pledge of $50,000 by 400%

The Superscreen is the device that makes owning a tablet easy, convenient and finally affordable. While the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablet are looking to launching new models, the Superscreen is probably the device you really need to look at for that early Mothers/ Fathers day gift, or even a super early Christmas Gift!

For a fraction of the cost of its closest competitors, at $99, Superscreen is a no-brainer for the tablet aficionado.

Leave us a comment telling us what you think, and we’ll tell you how you can get another 35% of the kickstarter price if you pledge by the 23rd of March!





Content Source: Superscreen/ Kickstarter

Image Source: Superscreen

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