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Sphero Toy Makers Making Advanced Robots A Reality For Your Homes

Sphero Toy Makers Making Advanced Robots A Reality For Your Homes

The Toy Company Sphero is set to start an altogether new brand which will focus on making advanced robots to match your home needs.

Misty Robotics will launch its first model in 2018, says the parent company. Sphero has managed to make such robots apart from making lovable toys like the ones for Star Wars, Cars, and Spiderman.

A personal robot in every home and office is what the company is trying to deliver. The robots are said to be more than just a structure given to good quality speakers and tablets-on-wheels, with Sphero claiming that the bots will surprise the market with its functionality.

With their goals set for the skies, we hope Sphero is able to achieve its goals to create a human-friendly, smart robot that are more than just programmed machines. It is difficult to build such sensible machines, but Misty Robotics may just be up to the challenge.

Misty Robotics has so far raised $11.5 million in funding and is utilizing it to employ a number of former Sphero employees, including co-founder Ian Bernstein, now Misty’s head of product. Tim Enwall, founder of home automation company Revolv is taking on the role of CEO.

Soon robots will be a constant touchpoint throughout our lives, becoming commonplace and serving a variety of purposes that are very different than what exists today,” said Bernstein in a press release. “My vision is for Misty Robotics to lead this charge toward delivering the future we were all promised.

I, Robot might be our reality sooner than we thought…

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