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Shaking Up Miami – One Acai Berry At A Time

Shaking Up Miami – One Acai Berry At A Time

Just as Pinkberry revolutionized the yogurt retail market, Miami Beach’s Berri Bar is setting out to shake up the Acai market as we know it.

Up until now, the world’s No. 1 superfruit, acai, has been priced and packaged as a luxury good slightly out of reach from the mainstream consumer. And at the trendy, upscale juice shops which line South Beach Miami’s palm tree-dotted streets, customers in search of Acai are met with limited options and a time-consuming preparation process which encumbers the experience and diminishes customer retention.

Enter Berri Bar, a fresh thinking juice bar with a premium address just off Lincoln Road at 1630 Pennsylvania Avenue. Rather than provide the same conventional experience, Berri Bar offers its customers a large variety of completely customizable and immediately ready acai bowls making it convenient to get what you want and incorporate Acai into your daily routine.

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Berri Bar’s airy and spacious Lincoln Road shop.

The key to Berri Bar’s process is a state of the art acai machine which keeps the consistency stable and makes each bowl instantly available without sacrificing quality or taste. Rather than wait 10 minutes in line and another 10 minutes on a bowl, customers can now speedily pick up the creation of their choice and experience the best possible quality acai on the market.

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Design-driven Acai; customizable creations ready to be served.

According to founder Greg Bennati: “Acai has never been thought of this way. It’s the key to creating the evolution of the way the fruit is served, just the same way you can now find ice cream or frozen yogurt at your local parlor.”

Led by Bennati, Berri Bar holds the potential to disrupt the acai market and democratize acai. Thanks to its unique process, Berri Bar is taking an elevated, out of reach lifestyle product and making it a daily essential that can be instantly accessed and enjoyed by the mainstream. As the pioneer of this new approach, Berri Bar holds the profound power to enhance the health, fitness, and enjoyment of the public in a way few juice bars have ever been capable.

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Berri Bar Founder Greg Bennati



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