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Seven Lebanese Soldiers Injured In Suicide Bomb Attack At The Syria Border

Seven Lebanese Soldiers Injured In Suicide Bomb Attack At The Syria Border

Seven Lebanese soldiers were severely wounded in a morning raid on Friday at the border area shared with Syria when suicide bombers along with explosives and hand grenades targeted them. Fortunately, none of the soldiers have died, although they are in critical condition.

Lebanese militants have been fighting in the border area for the past seven years now, ever since their neighboring country faced civil war.

Many Syrian refugees have found shelter in Lebanon, which is already a small country with a mere population of 4.5 million.

The Army was conducting a regular raid at the border on Friday, near the town of Arsal. However, they faced a surprise attack when the suicide bombers started their strikes. The area had seen the abduction of several army officers in 2014 and since then has been a targeted area.

At the al-Nour refugee settlement, three soldiers got injured because of the detonation of a suicide belt by a suicide bomber close to them. There were three such bombers wearing suicide vests, who blew up in the same camp. The bomb squad team was quick to action, diffusing the remaining bombs in time to save lives.

Over a hundred people were arrested during the raids, as per a report by local media channels. However, the group behind this attack is yet to be identified.

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Image Source: Haaretz

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