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Sean Spicer Needs You To Look At The Size…Of The Healthcare Bill

Sean Spicer Needs You To Look At The Size…Of The Healthcare Bill

Today was not a good day for the American Health Care Act. Almost no one enjoyed their first taste of the House GOP’s “Obamacare Lite.” The bill is too liberal for tea-party Republicans and interest groups; too regressive for moderate Republicans and Democrats; and too poorly thought-out for health-care wonks of all stripes.

But one good thing happened to the AHCA Tuesday afternoon: It received this impassioned endorsement from White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

Large stacks of paper are “government.” Small stacks of paper are “not.” Ergo, the fewer pages a bill is, the more enthusiastic Republicans should be about supporting it.

However, social media wasn’t as enthusiastic as Spicer would have hoped:


Here’s hoping the House GOP takes these words to heart — and that a staffer for the Congressional Progressive Caucus is currently typing the words Medicare for All in the smallest font she can find.



Source: Daily Intelligencer



Content Source: Daily Intelligencer

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