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Saudi Royal’s Project Trump’s Face On The Ritz Carlton

Saudi Royal’s Project Trump’s Face On The Ritz Carlton

Known for their extravagant tastes and style, the Saudi royal family went out of their way to make the visiting American president feel honored.

On his first presidential tour outside of the country, Trump began his visit in Saudi Arabia, speaking to the regions Islamic leaders on the importance of taking a stand against terrorism, and those countries that provide terrorists with support. Claiming multiple countries across the globe as victims of the vicious terrorists, Trump called for a unified stand from the Arab alliance.

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With the Arab’s claiming support from the U.S. with regards to dealing with the Iranian Terror issue, and their $110 billion arms deal with the States, relations between the two nations seem to be at their best, this despite Trump’s radical decisions back home in America against Muslims & Immigrants.

Looking to honor Trump and possibly their current strong relationship, the Saudi’s decided to implant Trump’s face on the Ritz Carlton hotel the Trump team was staying at. In what would have surely stroked Trump’s massive ego, the Saudi Royal Family took to their extravagant self to impress Trump.

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Things are going extremely well for president Trump when it comes to dealing with his Arab counterparts it seems. Wonder what his rhetoric will be on Muslims once he lands back in his home country where his supporters have so far supported his anti-Muslim agenda and propaganda.



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