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Samsung Pay, Now For Discover Card Users

Samsung Pay, Now For Discover Card Users

Good news for Samsung users.

Shoppers using Discover card can now finally use their credit card with Samsung Pay, seamlessly connecting to their phones and enjoy shopping with it.

Announced in 2015, the Samsung-Discover link up was first launched in 2016. However, users faced numerous issues with the initial launch, causing Samsung to take down the Discover card integration, releasing it now, finally, with all the necessary updates.

The app uses Near Field Communications (NFC) for secure transactions. It also uses Magnetic Secure Transmission, which works with a regular credit card terminal. Sounds pretty good! Samsung is trusted for its quality performance, hence we look forward to successfully use the new payment app by them.

Sounds pretty good, eh!

Well, Samsung’s trusted for its quality and performance, so we look forward to successfully using the new, and improved payment app.




Image Source: The Verge

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