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The Republican’s Could Pull A Leaf Out Of Watergate, And Rally Behind Trump

The Republican’s Could Pull A Leaf Out Of Watergate, And Rally Behind Trump

With Comey getting the boot, many were reminded of Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, even worse as there has never, in the history of the United States of America, been a case of the FBI Director getting fired.

While most are reveling in the fact that Trump’s current similarity to Nixon during Watergate might be a cause for Impeachment, there is one overlooked aspect that might come back to haunt all his opponents.

After Watergate, the Nixon camp had managed to convert its opponents among the republican party into hardcore supporters. At the time, the Republicans had positioned the incident as a Democratic party influenced hypocritical scandal – a similar narrative has been adopted by the Republican party to support the leader of their party and the U.S. – Donald Trump.

Until his end, the Watergate scandal had given Nixon an undeniable stature, that he had previously lacked among the conservatives. Even after Nixon’s famous resignation, the right refused to accept the liberal’s claims of the impeachment being a heroic moment for investigative journalism.

Which brings us to the point – Comey’s firing could very well end up giving Trump an opportunity to unify his support within the Republican party.




Image Source: Democracy Now

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