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Project Scorpio: The Future Of The Xbox Console

Project Scorpio: The Future Of The Xbox Console

Microsoft revealed today what its Project Scorpio developers kit looks like. A first look at the kit, and it seems more like a bigger version of the Xbox One S. The design consists of the robot white for the top section, with the bottom, where the console has been fitted with the expansion ports and Blu-ray drive, given a black finish.

The dev kit is inclusive of a real-time clock along with OLED display powered by 5 programmable buttons. The screen has been designed keeping in mind Xbox game developers who require the screen to display data like frames per second. The ports that were seen in the retail Scorpio unit have also been included in the Project Scorpio dev kit, along with three USB ports and a network card to debug information.



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Xbox Project Scorpio

But the best changes, in my not-so-important opinion, have been reserved for whats inside the device. Tweaking the internal specs, Microsoft has provided a slightly faster GPU, doubled the RAM to 24GB, as compared to the retail unit, replaced the 1TB HDD drive with a 1TB SSD drive, and has included the ability for developers to toggle between the various different types of Xbox consoles. Microsoft has also included vents on the sides of the unit so as to allow developers to stack the different units on top of each other.



Xbox Scorpio 4K Memory Ram

Considering that Microsoft has built this unit with additional hardware, I think we can safely assume that the exterior design of the end product will be very different from this development kit. Xbox dev units thus far have usually been slightly larger if not similar to their retail counterparts, with the design elements bearing a large resemblance.

Microsoft is expected to unveil the final pricing, name, and design of the Project Scorpio unit in June during the E3 games conference.




Image Source: Microsoft

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