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Price Drop for 9.7- inch iPad Pro

Price Drop for 9.7- inch iPad Pro

In case you’re bored of the little enhancements made in the iPad 10-inch version, there’s another deal out for you just for today!

Best Buy is offering the iPad 9.7″ 32 GB Pro device for $449.99, which is $150 off the typical $599.99 original price.

You can enjoy the advantages of using Apple’s Pencil and Smart Keyboard covers which are available only for the 9.7-inch versions of the iPad. Even though the Pencil costs an extra $99, if you think about it, you can actually try it out for a lower price than the original $599.99 price of just the iPad.

Basically, if your budget is around $400, then you can also explore the refurbished models on their e-commerce site.

Still not feeling it? Well with iOS11 to hit the markets soon, the iPad is going to have a lot more features. They features may get even better and handy to use, hence giving it an edge over its successor.

With better features and more accessories, the iPad 9.7 inch has a definite edge over its successor.

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