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President Trump, Meet French President Macron

President Trump, Meet French President Macron

President Trump’s EME (Europe & Middle East) trip is nothing short of what you might see in a comedy movie. It is but unfortunate that we’re not all just dreaming waiting for someone to wake us up.

He’s touched glowing orbs in Saudi Arabia, been rejected by his wife in glaring public view, had the Pope make fun of his body to his wife and now it’s time to meet the newly elected French President.

In Brussels for the NATO summit, POTUS got a quick meeting and photo opportunity with Emmanuel Macron. And if you’re familiar with Trump’s infamous hand shakes, you’ll probably know what’s coming next. Both the world leaders used this an opportunity to have a handshake-off, and by the looks of the image below, it might seem we have a clear victor!

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To make matters even funnier, as per the White House pool report, “They shook hands for an extended period of time. Each president gripped the other’s hand with considerable intensity, their knuckles turning white and their jaws clenching and faces tightening.”

Good lord, hope Trump’s hand is alright after this handshake!

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I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to feel a little bad for the POTUS. This is exactly what happens when you ignore the job description and decide to apply for the job way above your pay grade.



Image Source: AFP

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