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Chinese President Jinping In Moscow To Meet Putin

Chinese President Jinping In Moscow To Meet Putin

For the third time this year, Chinese President Xi Jinping and President Vladimir Putin are meeting once again.

They will be discussing trade deals for their company and their apparent unhappiness about the American THAAD missile shield which is currently placed in South Korea.

Trump is already said to be frustrated with China’s unwillingness to put pressure on North Korea with regards to its nuclear program. However, it seems as if Mr. Jinping is finally willing to put pressure on the nuclear capable Korean regime.

Trump disdain towards North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-Un is widely known, with the POTUS having even asked, “Does this guy have anything better to do with his life?

With President Xi being welcomed in grand style by the Russians, he and President Putin are expected to conduct talks over the same, among other things, today.

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