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Paris Climate Verdict: The Republican Party Had Pressurized Trump

Paris Climate Verdict: The Republican Party Had Pressurized Trump

Here we were, thinking that the decision to opt out of the Paris Climate Accord was the sole brainchild of president Trump. But the latest news coming out from DC suggests things weren’t as simple as we thought earlier, and that the Republican Party might be to blame too.

Reports coming in are suggesting that the Republican party and the alt-right conservatives had adopted a rock-solid, widespread consensus against the US taking any serious actions towards reducing carbon emissions. This has become a bedrock belief of the modern GOP.

The republicans have made it clear that for them the issue of climate change is a non-existential threat. They’ve rejected any and every theory put forth proving that we as humans are the main causes of global warming, calling the very idea a liberal hoax!  A large number of Republicans are adamant that the president’s top priority shouldn’t be the climate and that’s why it was easier for the party to persuade Trump from walking away from the Paris climate accord.

Pressure over Trump to walk away

1. Letters from Senators  22 Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, had sent a letter to Trump in May goading him to pull out of the pact.

2. Activists in support of the same – 40 conservative activist groups, including the likes of the Heritage Foundation, Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, the Koch brothers’ Americans for Prosperity, had all signed a letter calling on Trump to disagree with the deal.

3. The regular supporters – Media outlets, such as Fox and Breitbart, and the National Review which boasts Rich Lowry as its chief editor, did exactly as was expected of them – support the president blindly. Numerous tweets from anchors/ hosts from these networks have come out in support of the president’s decision to withdraw from the agreement. Also, writer David French, who’s been known for his anti-trump comments in the past, made the following post “Trump defends the Constitution and the economy by withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement.

4. Bygone days of 2015 – Back in 2015, as the Paris agreement was up in the air, several republicans such as Marco Rubio, John Kasich and other presidential candidates had been the first ones to admonish it. At the time, they had called it an “unfunny joke” and that America “should have been talking about destroying ISIS!

So it’s pretty clear that this isn’t just a Trump decision but a republican hard-line.




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