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Otto Warmbier’s Death A Tragedy; US-Korean Relations Tense

Otto Warmbier’s Death A Tragedy; US-Korean Relations Tense

Otto’s family had been waiting a long time to see him, and as he made his way back from North Korea to his hometown in America, the 20-year-old unfortunately returned in a coma.

As the sad news reached President Trump, he said, “There is nothing more tragic for a parent than to lose a child in the prime of life. Our thoughts and prayers are with Otto’s family and friends, and all who loved him.

Donald Trump went on to further condemn North Korea’s “brutal regime” after Otto Warmbier was released by the communist nation.

The University of Virginia student had been sentenced to a 15-year jail term, 17 months ago for allegedly stealing a propaganda poster.

His parents Fred and Cindy Warmbier reported on Monday from the Cincinnati Hospital, “It is our sad duty to report that our son, Otto Warmbier, has completed his journey home. Surrounded by his loving family, Otto died today at 2.20pm.

His parents added their son’s loss of life was due to North Korea’s incessant torture and mistreatment Otto. Medical reports claim that he had suffered injuries related to cardiopulmonary arrest and was in a state of unresponsive wakefulness. Scans showed extensive loss in all regions of Warmbier’s brain. 

His parents shared their agony, “When Otto returned to Cincinnati late on 13 June he was unable to speak, unable to see and unable to react to verbal command. He looked very uncomfortable – almost anguished. Although we would never hear his voice again, within a day the countenance of his face changed – he was at peace. He was home and we believe he could sense that.

Furthermore, they thanked the doctors, adding – “Unfortunately, the awful torturous mistreatment our son received at the hands of the North Koreans ensured that no other outcome was possible beyond the sad one we experienced today. It would be easy at a moment like this to focus on all that we lost – future time that won’t be spent with a warm, engaging, brilliant young man whose curiosity and enthusiasm for life knew no bounds, but we choose to focus on the time we were given to be with this remarkable person.

Deputy director of the group’s Asia division, Phil Robertson said: “North Korea again reaffirmed its position as one of the worst human rights abusing governments in the world.

Young Pioneer Tours, the travel company that took Warmbier to North Korea, has said it will no longer take US citizens into the country because “the risk is too high”.




Image Source: AMP. The Inquisitr

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