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This One Picture Sum’s Up Trump’s Meeting With The Pope Quite Well

This One Picture Sum’s Up Trump’s Meeting With The Pope Quite Well

And the leader of the strongest country in the world, met with the religious leader of one of the largest faith’s in the world.

Ladies and gentleman, the Pope V/s Trump.

With the President having a roller-coaster of a first trip, we’re pretty sure he’s about as ready as he can be to just come back home.

First, he gets his face planted on the Ritz Carlton during his trip to Saudi Arabia, then his wife refuses to hold his hand during their trip, unfortunately at times when the camera’s were planted at them, and now finally, as Trump landed in Vatican City, he was greeted by an stone faced Pope, otherwise known for always smiling, who took to body shame the President instead.

As Pope Francis ask’s the First Lady, through an interpreter, “What are you feeding him, potica?”, we can’t help but laugh, like the FLOTUS, at what that possibly insinuates towards Trump!

But that wasn’t it.

As the entire Trump family posed with the Pope, it became starkly clear once again that his Holiness wasn’t too pleased to be meeting with the new President of the United States. In fact this one picture summed up how the entire meeting between the two leaders possibly went.

image result for Pope & Trump
Pope Francis (R) poses with US President Donald Trump (C), US First Lady Melania Trump and the daughter of US President Donald Trump Ivanka Trump (L) at the end of a private audience at the Vatican on May 24, 2017. US President Donald Trump met Pope Francis at the Vatican today in a keenly-anticipated first face-to-face encounter between two world leaders who have clashed repeatedly on several issues. Evan Vucci/ AFP/ Getty Images

We wonder if the Pope felt the urge to go take a long hot shower after his meeting with President Donald J. Trump 😳 😜




Image Source: Evan Vucci/ AFP/ Getty Images

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