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Nokia 3310: The Return of the Icon

Nokia 3310: The Return of the Icon

Growing up, my first cellphone, was a Nokia. With not being allowed, yes ALLOWED, to own or carry a phone on myself, getting my first Nokia was like a dream come true.

With the advent of the smartphone era, Nokia’s new line of phones were a little too late and too meek in comparison to the giants – Apple, Samsung and even BlackBerry to an extent. When the company eventually shut shop, getting acquired by Microsoft, and then getting sold to HMD Global, most of us thought it to be an end of an era. However like any good movie, there’s a secret plot twist at the end to this Finnish company’s story.

Nokia Strikes Back

Nokia has revamped and released its plan on unveiling the updated mother of all phones – the 3310.







Available in 4 different colors, the 3310 has rejuvenated itself, and while it has a long way to go before it can hope to seriously damage the market share currently held by the Samsung & Apple, it sure is bound to touch a lot of people who grew up on this phone, and will definitely feel a dose of nostalgia.

The 3310 will be loaded with the iconic game – ‘Snake‘ – this time however in beautiful colors, as opposed to its two toned predecessor.





Tech Specifications

Loaded with a 2 MP camera with LED flash, the 3310 has the iconic shaped design and comes with beautiful push buttons. Unlike the iPhone (pun intended) the 3310 comes with a headphone jack, a 2.4″ curved polarized screen. The Phone has 2G connectivity capabilities for calling & texting. With a battery life long enough to last a full 22 hours, the phone has a FM radio and a MP3 player for music. What’s probably the most surprising feature is its capability to load a 32GB MicroSD card, while it only comes with 16MB storage.

Personally, I’d love to see the Nokia rise out of the ashes, and take the cellphone market with a storm. But I would most likely place my bets on them doing the exact opposite. The 3310 is a simple take on a cellphone, at a time when everyone is looking to immerse themselves in even more tech.

What about you? Would you trade in your smartphone for the Nokia 3310?



Content Source: Nokia

Image Source: Nokia

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