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New York’s Newest Gastronomical Wonder – Chimichurri Grill East

New York’s Newest Gastronomical Wonder – Chimichurri Grill East

It’s no lie that the city that never sleeps, New York, being the melting pot that it is, is known for some of the worlds best restaurants.

Being a regular visitor myself, it’s partly NYC’s finest cuisine that pulls me to the city every so often. From the delectable streets of Hell’s Kitchen to NYC’s East Village to the genteel Upper East Side, New York never fails to disappoint those seeking its culinary masterpieces.

One such restaurant raising up a storm out of the upper east side is the Chimichurri Grill East.

The newest addition to the high-end fine dining experience restaurants, Chimichurri is the brainchild of master chef Don Carlos Darquea and co-owner (and General Manager) Alicia Rodriguez. Starting out from the famed Hell’s Kitchen, Alicia and Chef Darquea’s first Chimichurri established itself as a masterclass out from 9th Avenue, creating a gold standard in upscale Argentinian cuisine as he brings the delicious smells and extravagant tastes from Buenos Aires right to your doorsteps in NYC.

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Alicia Rodriguez GM/ Owner & Carlos Darquea Chef/ Owner

Chef Darquea, through Chimichurri, serves up authentic Argentinian cuisine, expertly crafting 32 day wet-aged grass-fed angus steaks, organic and free range lamb, chicken and pork along with sustainable fish and seafood. To go along with the tastefully prepared meat, the chef also provides for homemade fresh pasta and desserts along with an extremely good selection of Argentinian wines.

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With over thirty years of experience, owner and GM Alicia Rodriguez, and her talented staff go out of their way to make guests feel right at home, amplifying the entire restaurant experience multi-fold. Being family owned, Chimichurri Grill sets up its environment to reflect the same comfortable feeling, with the added aspect of a luxurious surrounding. The decor has been designed to keep to a classic theme with subtle modern touches – greeted by a glass entrance, the atmosphere inside is softened by the set up of the soft colored interiors, partnered with silver antique utensils, and subdued oil paintings and urban photographs.

The result of Chimichurri Grill East is a spacious and pristine location on a quiet tree lined street just off of Park Avenue, where NYC’s banking community, the creme de la creme of the Latin community, and NYC’s most fashionable millennial crowd have begun to congregate due to the delectable food and refreshing atmosphere on offer.

With Chimichurri becoming the hottest go-to spot in the Upper East Side, it has also caught the attention of numerous food bloggers and influencers, whom have taken to social media to speak about their experience at the restaurant.

Mixing work and pleasure with @t1advertising at @chimichurrigrilleast in #Manhattan #worktime #newyork #🗽

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Chef Darquea and GM Alicia Rodriguez’s Chimichurri has also now been picked up on the international radar, getting a feature as a Must Check Out restaurant for all those looking for the best in NYC dining.

Now while I go and pack my bags for my next trip to Chimichurri, I mean NYC (!!), I hope to see all of you there 😉😎




Image Source: Chimichurri Grill East

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