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Netflix is Bringing Brad Pitt to Your Home

Netflix is Bringing Brad Pitt to Your Home

Well, not physically, but through that dang streaming service you can’t seem to get enough of.

Brad Pitt, it seems, will be reprising his role as the battle veteran through Netflix’s new movie – War Machines.

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Having acted in movies such as Inglorious Basterds and Fury, Brad Pitt will obviously feel at complete ease in this new Netflix original war movie. With the movie set to launch on May 26th, you need not set any reminders, as in true Netflix fashion, you shall have the movie displayed all across your Netflix account until you actually go and watch it, and then review it.

But looking at the Twitterati, it seems like everyone’s almost as excited and okay with Netflix’s move as we are:

Indeed they do, but I think we’re all just about okay with it too.


Here’s the trailer of the movie, in case you missed it –






Content Source: Twitter

Image Source: Netflix

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