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“A Moment Of Truth” – Macron’s Handshake With Trump

“A Moment Of Truth” – Macron’s Handshake With Trump

Prance’s new president – Emmanuel Macron – had his first meeting with U.S.’s new President – Donald Trump.

Their meeting was broadcasted all across the world’s new’s channels, and what stood out was what is now one of the most talked about incidents – their handshake.

Macron called his now famous white-knuckle handshake showdown with Trump “a moment of truth”, done so to emphasize France’s strength and resistance against the rhetoric coming from Trump and his America.

In a talk with a Sunday newspaper, Le Journal du Dimanche, Macron said, “my handshake with him, it wasn’t innocent. One must show that you won’t make small concessions, even symbolic ones, but also not over-publicize things, either.

The president’s office confirmed to the AP their president’s veracity in his comments to the publication. At their first meeting, both presidents clenched their hands in a handshake for so long that their hands seemed to turn white. However, the French president seemingly won the handshake as he held on for a few seconds longer than his American counterpart.

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